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The educational philosophy of International Institute for Health Care Professionals (IIHCP) is to facilitate and encourage life-long learning, assisting students to build upon the knowledge and skills acquired in their chosen program of studies. We are dedicated to educating students in the modern science of nursing practice, striving for excellence with the belief that any student wanting to reach their goal will be able to benefit from the education offered.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of International Institute for Health Care Professionals, Inc. is to offer diverse academic programs and high-quality education across realms of philosophy, science, technology, humanities, vocational and healing arts that will prepare students for successful careers in an ever-changing global workplace. Our programs provide the opportunity to enrich the knowledge, skills, values and critical thinking that will impact the good of lifelong discovery, relationships, solutions, research, innovation, service and leadership.

To develop this foundation of appropriate acquisition of knowledge, skills/competencies, and professionalism International Institute for Health Care Professionals, Inc. will:

  • Focus on admission of qualified students who are evaluated to have the potentials to realistically meet the expectations of our educational programs.
  • Include a flexible curriculum that offers the necessary theory and skills development to enable qualified students to gain employment upon completion of the program.
  • Employ qualified, diverse and motivated faculty who are well equipped professionally and technically to deliver content, demonstrate skills and evaluate return demonstrations of those skills in laboratory and various clinical settings.
  • Ensure faculty maintain effective professional growth and development needed to contribute and support the achievement and realization of student learning and programmatic outcomes.
  • Maintain continuous revision of the educational programs for cost-effectiveness with respect to teaching strategies, and outcomes.
  • Provide an appropriate environment equipped to support the programs offered. Survey employers to identify the skills necessary for graduates to be employed in entry-level positions.
  • Assure that service and academic programs have appropriate and sufficient resources to facilitate and maintain the effectiveness of student learning and programmatic outcomes.
  • Prepare leaders, practitioners, and educators with the latest evidence-based information that will ensure the provision of high-quality, accessible, and culturally competent healthcare in a wide variety of settings.
  • Develop effective external partnerships with various health care organizations to assist our students in securing appropriate employment placement.

Boca Campus

6870 North Federal Highway
Boca Raton, Florida 33487

Phone: 561-394-5822
Fax: 561-394-5742
Email: info@iihcp.com

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